Predicting And Managing the Storage of Cryogenic Fluids Via A Dashboard

Aruna Coimbatore Meenakshi Sundaram, Kong Jun Yin, Damien Khai Jie Lee, Ifthekar Karimi; SSRN


Many cleaner and renewable energy fluids (eg methane, hydrogen, ammonia) are stored and transported under cryogenic (evaporating) conditions. Managing their boil-off gases in such storage is of much industrial significance. A complex interplay of various factors affects this boil-off, such as heat ingress from the surroundings, evaporation/condensation, and interactions of inlet and outlet streams with tank contents. Dynamic models in the open literature and commercial packages for simulating such storage have some shortcomings. This work presents a useful and powerful dashboard that can predict detailed visual spatiotemporal profiles of various state variables such as liquid level, temperature, pressure, and composition in a cryogenic tank. The dashboard can provide powerful insights into the complex operational behaviour of a cylindrical storage tank holding a variety of cryogenic fluids, which would help in understanding, and managing such systems in real life.